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It’s NOT true that nothing happens in Morham...

It’s only nearly nothing. We like it that way

Councillor surgeries will take place in the Hall between

7.30pm - 8.00pm

On the 3rd Thursday of each month

2013 Crystal Rig funding  application available.

Click here for application form

Once again a great time was had by peeps who came along to the Village Hall to listen to the Picts. Dancing and singing was the order was the order of the night with drinky-poos and and sarnies. I even dragged a couple in from the street, who decided to hire the Picts for their wedding before they headed out for the USA. (The Picts that is).

As usual the turnout from Morham was dire (don't know why) but the folks from Haddington helped make the evening a success. Just as well really all things considered...



Your Community Councillors are:

Rufus Bellamy, Ian Middlemas, Kirstie Shearer, Penny Short, Ian Andrew Smith and Phillip Robert Whyte.

Congratulations to all

Crystal Rig Wind Farm Community Benefit Fund 2014/2015

The Crystal Rig Windfarm fund is a community benefit fund available for the community of Garvald and Morham to carry out improvements to their local area in any sphere, including the environment, local amenity or tourism.

Money available

Each year, the wind farm allocates an amount of money to the community council, who then administer its disbursement to the community. The total amount of money available (£25,000 this year) is based on the installed capacity of the wind farm.

Last year, the projects funded included:

   Lothian Boradband £5000

   Knox Youth Group £2000

   Morham Village Hall £4258

   Garvald Village Hall £1827

   Haddington Swimming Club £2200

   Haddington Junior Hockey Club £600

   Various Sports/Musical Sponsorships £3795

   Garvand and Morham Christmas/Hallowe’en Parties £410

   Gifford Under 5′s £508

Please note that consideration will be given to all types of project that benefit the local community, and the Community Council is keen to widen the scope of projects funded. We are particularly keen to support any aspiring young sportspeople and musicians, so whatever idea you’ve got (no matter how big or small) please consider applying. The fund is not available to projects that would be under the remit of East Lothian Council or that would be working against the windfarm.

How to apply:

Application forms are available to download on the GMCC webpage or from Phillip White at the Old School, Garvald. Complete this form with as much information as possible and return before 31st May to the Community Council. For more information please see the application form.

Your new village hall committee is

Vice-Chair: Mark Burns

Secretary: David Murray

Treasurer: Hannah Stenhouse


Eunice Murray,

Gary Galbraith

Moira Galbraith,

Jim Shearer and Richard Bogie

Morham Hall

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